How to find if defrag session is finished on Windows 10?

The only new option here is the ability to set the app’s theme separately from the global Windows theme. That way, you can have a dark theme in Windows and a light theme in the app or vice versa. Using the Snipping Tool directly is the best way for taking permanent screenshots, as the keyboard shortcut only copies the snips to the clipboard. With the app, you can save the screenshots with a custom name, take delayed shots, and even annotate the snips by drawing over them. Like Snip & Sketch, the snipping tool can be invoked from a keyboard shortcut as well.

When you use the “Reset this PC” feature in Windows, Windows resets itself to its factory default state. If you purchased a PC and it came with Windows 10 installed, your PC will be in the same state you received it in. All the manufacturer installed software and drivers that came with the PC will be reinstalled. If you installed Windows 10 yourself, it will be a fresh Windows 10 system without any additional software. My webcam inexpliably stopped working, I tried using the wizard to fix it, it sent my laptop into a loop of trying and failing to restart with a thread read error.

The basic equipment required for a good laptop cleaning is a can of compressed air and some disinfectant or alcohol wipes. For a slightly deeper clean, you may also want to grab a screwdriver and remove the bottom cover of your laptop so you can carefully blow out any dust that’s accumulated on the fans and vents. You would be better off manually installing Windows 10. You can create an install disk by downloading the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft’s website.

How to Screen Record on Windows 11

Click “Defragment and optimize your drives” under Administrative Tools. Install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional and when all disks and their partitions appear on the home interface, select “Disk Defrag” under “All Tools” in the left sidebar. In the search bar on the lower left of the desktop, type “defrag”.

  • Unfortunately no, you will need a connection to validate your Windows 11 Home license and then accordingly install the necessary features on your system.
  • The Dev Channel is where new features are introduced for initial testing, regardless of which Windows release they’ll eventually end up in.
  • In the past if you wanted a full featured screen shot program you needed to spend some money to purchase a commercial one.
  • With Loom you can suppress background noise, create and correct transcripts, remove filler words from your video, add chapters, and more.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on the new OS sooner. By signing up for the Windows Insider Program, you can download a preview build and begin enjoying Windows 11 now if your PC meets the minimum system requirements. These builds are considered previews for a reason and often have bugs and missing features that are still being developed, however. Be sure to back up your PC before completing the upgrade.

Schedule Disk Defragmentation on Windows 11/10

This tool provides frame editing and audio editing. It enables you to adjust volume and customize audio source from microphone or sound card. It allows you to record audio from speaker and microphone. Captivate is an interactive video maker for tutorials and eLearning that you can use with Adobe Creative Cloud. It allows you to capture and export your screen contents as a still video. This software helps you to record video even if you are away.

Windows 11 system requirements

You may use the highlighter to draw attention to important aspects of your snip.This tool is not customizable. Normally when you select this an overlay instantly appears on your screen. However if you’ve selected a time delay the overlay will appear after 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 seconds. When the delay is done, your overlay will appear, effectively freezing your screen and allowing you to take the screenshot you desire.

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